Documentary | feature

An enthusiast pioneer founds a city full of alchemical symbolism. A gentleman is named Grand Master of the Lodge of the Eastern Knights. A writer publishes the first utopian novel of Uruguay. An entrepreneur builds castles, churches, hotels and palaces that will have different destinies. The pioneer, the knight, the writer and the businessman are the same man: Francisco Piria. This film reveals an infinite character that marked an era.


Status: Post Production
Directed by – Sebastián Martínez
Written by - Sebastián Martínez, Valeria Groisman
Supported by – INCAA (Argentina National Film Institute), Ibermedia Development, Piriápolis Municipality, Argentino Hotel Casino & Resort, Montevideo Locations, Uruguay Ministry of Tourism.
Producer (s) – Saula Benavente, Paula Orlando, Sebastián Martínez
Executive Producer (s) – Saula Benavente, Paula Orlando
Cinematographer – Diego Poleri
Sound Designer – Victor Tendler
Editor – Federico Rozas