The broken ones

Short-film | Fiction

In a restless city, an ex teen couple reunites in a motel. They go through a series of situations where they will realize that this is their last encounter. Both will embark on a psychedelic journey looking for what they lack.

technical sheet
2018, 17 min, 2K, 5.1, Color.
Cast – Ailín Salas, Julian Larquier
Written & Directed by – Carla Finco
Production company – Ecstasy Cine
Supported by – Universidad del Cine, Mecenazgo Cultural de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Fondo Metropolitano de las Artes, Bienal Arte Joven
Producer (s) – Paula Orlando, Carla Finco
Executive Producer – Paula Orlando
Cinematographer – Jhonathan Rubiano
Production Designer – Malena Cores Penna

Sound Designer – Mercedes Tennina
Editor – Florencia Gomez García
Music – Hernán Kerlleñevich

Costume Designer – Malena Cores Penna

Assistant Director – Ana Berard
Makeup Artist – Camila Galán
Still Photographer – Lulu Scalise


Short Film Competition, Buenos Aires Film Festival (BAFICI), 2018

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