Feature Film | Fiction

Three brothers, hunters and heavy metal aficionados, struggle with their personal issues in the dense Argentinian Patagonia. Meanwhile, the neighboring river threatens their farm with flooding that can ruin the harvest.


Status: Development
Argentina, Brazil, Chile
Written & Directed by – Francisco Paparella
Production company – Pelicano Cine, Rio Azul Films, Ecstasy Cine, 3 Moinhos, Pequén Producciónes
Supported by – INCAA (Argentina National Film Institute), El Bolsón Municipality, Fundacion Carolina Development Project Grant 2017, Ibermedia Development 2017, MAFIZ Coproduction Forum 2018, Talent Project Market Berlinale 2019, La Fabrique Cinema De L’ Institut Francais 2019.
Producer (s) – Paula Orlando, Francisco Paparella, Esteban Lucangioli, Ana Alice de Morais, Josephine Schroeder, Karin Cuyul
Executive Producer – Paula Orlando